Quantum of solace

Hi ...sad woman... Hi, sad man…... Hi again... Hi hi again there, you sadness...... I’m sad. I know that. I have noticed the very convex lips and I have a thing for convex lips. Yeah, SAD!!! Not really, it’s SAAAAAAAD ...with the many ‘A’s. I invented the word while I was very very sad. It … Continue reading Quantum of solace


I love strangers. Strangers are just peculiar people, very very very strange homo-sapiens. Some of them look like very aggressive and violent criminals with scars on their faces and biceps and triceps made of solid iron with bloodshot eyes in the entire universe probably because they are sick and their situation has nothing to do … Continue reading Strangers

The Morning After

When I wake up after a night of excessive consumption of that sweet or bitter colorless volatile flammable liquid which is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer or spirits, I raise my very heavy head to make sure I am sleeping on a very clean pillow because you know sometimes you get too high and … Continue reading The Morning After