Falling in love

So, we were at this really big house with a lot of expensive shit. There was a party of some guy with pink hair and a body that could kill a bevy of dames. It was the first time Sophie had attended a party and I was feeling a little bit guilty for introducing her to alcohol. She is surprisingly a very responsible drunkard. She fell asleep as soon as she got a kick from the vodka. I was hoping she would misbehave a little so I could have content for this post. Bad behavior is encouraged. Anyway, I was still awake but totally hammered. This chicken then walks in and I am like ‘What a beautiful chicken!’. I had never seen something more magnificent in my life and the chicken walked up straight to me and I felt electricity down my spine. It was the first time I had ever been noticed by a beautiful chicken. Most of the time they just quack and walk away. My heart skipped a beat and the chicken just walked up to me, jumped on my lap then on my tits. She then held both my cheeks with her wings and moved her beak closer to my mouth and we started kissing and we have never stopped since then.

Any Comments?

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