My anxiety has shown its head again. My permanent state of worry and nervousness with the possibility of a panic attack is not good for me right now. I need my sanity. Anxiety has metamorphosed into my own pet demo-gorgon. My demons are not my caterpillars anymore but my butterflies. The caresses of my demons … Continue reading Demo-gorgon


So, we have first wave feminism where people deserve equal treatment, rights and responsibilities. It focused on legal rights and succeeded in gaining women the right to vote and other legal liberties. I am cool with this. I would advocate for this. It goes hand in hand with human rights. Feminism should have stuck at … Continue reading Feminism

No feels

So, this is where I actively run to when I am slowly dying inside. An action I am disposed to take in order to affectuate change in my troubled psychological state. I am not sufficiently qualified at processing what I am feeling. The tear resting on my eyelid right now feels a bit conflicted on … Continue reading No feels