I learnt a new Skill today

I did some plumbing.

I elected to take a shot of coffee after choosing not to go to the office because I woke up late. This made me suddenly want to go poo. Given that it has been three days since my last pooping, whatever came out clogged my toilet. I was unable to drink any water as a result since I was unable to flush the toilet effectively. I requested a visit from the building’s caretaker over the phone. I went online to look for a do-it-yourself technique to unclog my toilet after an hour passed without him turning up. I discovered a solution that required dish soap and water. I continued flushing the toilet with 1.7 litres of hot water and dish soap for nearly two hours. I had around 80% confidence that the procedure had succeeded after two hours. I used the plunger to erase the 20% uncertainty. When I finally flushed the toilet, it was operating flawlessly. I am pleased with myself and now I can drink all the water I want.

To make sure everything is operating as it should, let me go urinate.


Any Comments?

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