Saved by a drugie

I am using drugie as a term to mean somebody that uses hard narcotics but is not an addict. Is there an official term for that? Comment if there is one. High enough (on Absolut Vodka) that I am looking at my keyboard to make sure that I am typing the correct thing. I am … Continue reading Saved by a drugie

Just a ramble

I guess I stopped counting the days since you left. It hasn’t helped because I can’t forget the exact date. I know you are coming back, you promised to come back and you had better keep that promise. I want to know that you are okay. I want to stare at your face for no … Continue reading Just a ramble

Shogo Makishima – An in-depth Character-Analysis | Psycho-Pass

My favourite Makishima character analysis


Psycho-Pass – Gen Urobuchi’s and Production I.G’s modern sci-fi masterpiece – famous for its disturbing future vision dystopia, philosophical discourses and for one of the most charismatic antagonists of Anime history – Shogo Makishima, who constitutes as the subject matter of this article. And even though Shogo Makishima enjoys predominantly great popularity and critical appeal, I still observe a clear discrepancy in the perception of his character. While many fans confidently praise him as the true hero of the story, some others in contrast portray him as an arbitrary villain. Probably the majority though meets somewhere in between the middle and praises his humanistic social commentary, but at the same time criticizes his extreme traits and methods. But what precisely is it that gives viewers such split opinions on one and the same person? What is it that makes this character so puzzling and impenetrable? Who and what exactly…

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Feelings after vodka

That first sip that goes down your throat, feels a little uncomfortable and irritating. It stings but you don't care because you are waiting for the reward. That first sip hits to specifically remind you of why you should take the next sip. It's a tipsy wave that comes and goes in almost a second … Continue reading Feelings after vodka

Another weird day

The hormonal shit happening in my body is on a whole new level. I snoozed my alarm clock for a bloody three hours. Thank goodness I did not have any work backlog. I do have a presentation tomorrow. The point of waking up early was to go through my documentation. I have to make sure … Continue reading Another weird day

It’s been a while dear religion

Hey babes 😁😁 Hey hey. What's with the creepy smile? What are you doing here? Thought I got rid of you. You are persistent. You alone or did you bring along some believers to convert me? Your mama keeps sending me back to you. She seems to be unaware that you kicked me out of … Continue reading It’s been a while dear religion

Not so Sunday-like musings (again)

You touch me and goosebumps follow the path of your fingers and I hold my breath waiting. “Good morning.” your voice is low, like a roll of thunder. This turns me on like crazy. You move your hands over my shoulders, to my arms, past my waist and stop on my hip. “Are you sore?” … Continue reading Not so Sunday-like musings (again)

Not very Sunday-like musings

I thought he was a very good looking human. When he opened his mouth, he turned into this being that had the quality of attracting any living being by inherent force that he is unaware of. This is the part where my self control had to come in play. He was enticing and appealing to … Continue reading Not very Sunday-like musings

Professor Marbles

All I have to do is to survive until I am 130 so that I can regenerate into a young person. How hard can that be? 130 is so bloody old. By the time I get to 80, I will have no teeth and will be walking around with a walking stick. I don’t fucking … Continue reading Professor Marbles

A rant interrupted by Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ is breathtakingly beautiful to my ears today. I just can’t stop listening to it.  I am in heaven. I am not sure which is better between this and an orgasm. It is an ear orgasm…if such a thing exists at all. This man Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is indeed a gift to … Continue reading A rant interrupted by Vivaldi