Shogo Makishima – An in-depth Character-Analysis | Psycho-Pass

My favourite Makishima character analysis


Psycho-Pass – Gen Urobuchi’s and Production I.G’s modern sci-fi masterpiece – famous for its disturbing future vision dystopia, philosophical discourses and for one of the most charismatic antagonists of Anime history – Shogo Makishima, who constitutes as the subject matter of this article. And even though Shogo Makishima enjoys predominantly great popularity and critical appeal, I still observe a clear discrepancy in the perception of his character. While many fans confidently praise him as the true hero of the story, some others in contrast portray him as an arbitrary villain. Probably the majority though meets somewhere in between the middle and praises his humanistic social commentary, but at the same time criticizes his extreme traits and methods. But what precisely is it that gives viewers such split opinions on one and the same person? What is it that makes this character so puzzling and impenetrable? Who and what exactly…

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