Just a ramble

I guess I stopped counting the days since you left. It hasn’t helped because I can’t forget the exact date. I know you are coming back, you promised to come back and you had better keep that promise. I want to know that you are okay. I want to stare at your face for no … Continue reading Just a ramble

Another weird day

The hormonal shit happening in my body is on a whole new level. I snoozed my alarm clock for a bloody three hours. Thank goodness I did not have any work backlog. I do have a presentation tomorrow. The point of waking up early was to go through my documentation. I have to make sure … Continue reading Another weird day

Time to chat with my demons

So, I feel like drowning myself in water. Not deep water, shallow water. I love being underwater. Shit looks so cool under here.” I wanna drown just a little. I do not want to die. I like to think that the universe still needs me alive. I just want to feel something to remind my … Continue reading Time to chat with my demons

Quantum of solace

Hi ...sad woman... Hi, sad man…... Hi again... Hi hi again there, you sadness...... I’m sad. I know that. I have noticed the very convex lips and I have a thing for convex lips. Yeah, SAD!!! Not really, it’s SAAAAAAAD ...with the many ‘A’s. I invented the word while I was very very sad. It … Continue reading Quantum of solace