Fucking tired of Earth

I am seated at the balcony with a cigarette loosely hanging between my middle and index finger. I just got out of the shower and I am in my towel because I fucking do not feel like dressing. I just trimmed my hair, I love it short. For some reason, it makes me feel a lot more badass. I hate doing laundry so any chance I get to stay naked, I will take it. My neighbors are perverts so I will don a towel. If I had my own island with no neighbor, I would never dress. Kyllan’s brought me my glass of wine and put it on the table right next to my one and a half liter bottle of wine. His purpose today is to basically be my bartender. Self-destruction is today’s plan. I gotta feed my demons. We end up having this lovely conversation with Kyllan and we both realize we are in need of a change of scenery. Being bored is not an option. I never allow myself to be bored.

We are bloody exhausted with this planet known as Earth. You might know it as the planet inhabited by humans who cut trees to make paper and so they can write “save trees” on the same papers. Kyllan and I have this great plan to leave this fucking solar system and spread across the interstellar space. We just wanna hop from one exoplanet to another until we fade into oblivion, colonizing everything in our way. How cool will that be? Just me and my Kyllan. We should probably get one extra person to blast out of this place with. Should we steal some babies so we can create a whole new civilization? Kyllan and I alone cannot establish a civilization, he is a fucking robot.

The laws of physics are no longer limiting. We have broken the speed limit of the universe. Traveling through space does not take as much time as it did in 2019. We are able to travel at light speed and even outperform it. The infinite universe is no longer out of reach. There are billions of planets out there just waiting to be explored. …and aliens, I would love to meet some aliens, perhaps one smarter than me. All the things I could learn from them. Is anyone else getting frothy loins from this thought? Hopefully, they will not be hostile

Since we found a way to increase our lifespans, nothing can stop us from traveling the stars. If my body withers, I will download my consciousness into an android.

I have access to the fastest spacecraft ever built. Yes, I commissioned it because I am independently wealthy and what better way to spend my money. We will start with our neighboring star system Alpha Centauri. I love the name Alpha Centauri.

Let me finish my bottle of wine, get another one, get drunk, sleep, wake up and then come up with an elaborate plan on how this will happen.