The girl with the chubby hands

I met a gentlewoman. There was a mildness to everything that she did. She was quite wonderful with the most beautiful smile and the most gorgeous big eyes. God must have taken a lot longer creating her, he put the weaknesses at 0% and beauty at 200%, brains at 250%. We had a great conversation full of so much depth (I am into deep conversations, never cared much for small talk which is one of the reasons I do not make friends easily) about clouds and fridges and rice and wood and aliens and the cosmos. That conversation was the most intense I had had with someone in a whole year. I was having moments of intense pleasure in my head, I was headed for a climax. After this, I would not even need to talk to anyone else for the rest of the year, this single conversation was going to sustain me. She likes refrigerators a lot. She sells them for a living. She even promised to give me one for free (I was dancing and doing backflips inside of my head after she said this. Who does not love free stuff). She has got five fridges at her house. Why the hell would a single woman need all those fridges? It is just weird. Is she saving food for when the world comes to an end because of global warming and when we all drown she will be in her bunker eating some nice shit and planning the net world domination?? If that is the case, “I appoint myself to be your girlfriend. You will contribute fridges to the relationship and I will bring my android Kyllan. Kyllan is quite efficient and growing smarter than us by the day.” She offered to take me to her house and show me the beautiful fridges and how spacious they were. She talked about the fridges like they were living things.

She would let me put my head inside the fridge which was an honor of the highest degree. This is a fetish of hers but she didn’t just let any girls do it. One had to be special and unique and today I was the chosen one. While inside the fridge, the cold air from the fridge is transmitted to the head to the rest of the body until it gets to the boobs. The nipples then become erect. Who does not love erect nipples? They are just there standing at attention wanting to be touched. How can one resist that? In this age, one could only raise a nipple with the help of a fridge. There once came a plague that attacked only nipples of women rendering them soft and supple forever. The only safe women were transgender women as the plague identified them as men, However much you stimulate a woman, the nipple state would never change. Soft, supple, flat was the order of the day. For a while, the human race was in a panic mode about the nipple situation and then came the fridge phenomenon and marriages and relationships were saved. No more panicking.

I liked this lady and that meant that I would put my head in the fridge for her. After all, I was looking to be her girlfriend so that we could rule the new earth together after an apocalyptic event. When we got to her house, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was going to try something new (By something new I mean the fridge thing). This was big for me. I like to stay in my comfort zone and I chose otherwise for this magnificent creature.

When we got to the house, I just wanted to have my head in the fridge but first, she wanted to show me all her fridges and what was inside each. They all had chocolate cake. “Chocolate cake,” I thought, “These would be no good in an apocalyptic situation” I was excited though, this woman probably tasted like chocolate that was in the fridge. She was genetically modified and that meant that she would taste exactly like what she ate for about twenty-four hours after eating it. “Please, do not ever eat red hot chili peppers. Eating those would be a great way to punish me if I ever made you angry. Well, better not make you angry then.” This was definitely heaven for me. My head in a freezer full of chocolate cake. I would finish a whole cake while my head was stuck in that freezer. I have never seen so much cake in my entire existence.

The night was definitely perfect. My head was finally in the fridge. My nipples were as they should be and I was devouring a delicious chocolate cake. She poured some oil on my butt and started massaging. She was massaging me with her butt. I could feel her butt moving around some parts of my body then, something really weird happened. I could still feel her butt on my body parts, in fact, I could feel more than two butts moving all over my body. I then turned just to make sure everything was okay. She could just have gone alien on me which I am not opposed to. I have never heard of multi butted aliens, she has got to be a new species. How awesome would that be?

Oh my goodness! Whatever was massaging me was not her many butts like I thought. They were her two hands. Those have got to be the chubbiest hands that I have ever seen. (Now I know why she has all those tight non-elastic gloves: they squeeze her hands to normal size). Those hands were so big and round. The rest of her was okay except for her hands. I have a morbid fear of chubby hands. A woman with chubby hands tends to be a target for thugs. They can’t fight, mostly because the thugs have this chemical that affects chubby hands making them a lot heavier than they already are that you cannot even raise them. When they try to fight without the effects of the chemical, their hands just feel like a pillow. The hands can explode at any time as they are very sensitive to sharp objects.

My sweet lovely creature 🙂 You did not need to hide this from me. You are more than your hands. I am afraid of what I feel for you is greater than my fear of chubby hands. Come on, I am putting my head back into the freezer and you can continue with your lovely massage. I am sort of enjoying it.

11 thoughts on “The girl with the chubby hands

  1. If that’s your pic, you are quite a beauty. Thanks for visiting my site! I love to see people from East Africa visit, always a refreshing perspective.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

  2. Very good fun. But slightly worried how they’ll get electricity when the apocalypse comes. Maybe the girl will use her chubby hands to suck all the warmth out of the fridges?

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